Giving Childcare the Gift of
a Language-Rich Environment


Created by a parent who thought, "Wouldn't be great if we had this?"

ラジャ・インターナショナル保育園は、ひとりの働くママが ”こんなのあったらいいな” を実現した企業主導型保育園です。


Every day at RaJA International Preschool, our children cry, laugh, and take on challenges with bright eyes and the joyful laughter of our trustworthy staff. I am a working mother myself, and my journey toward opening this nursery started from my desire as a mother to, "create a place where my precious children can feel safe and loved," including the children who I lost in the past. We provide international childcare services based on the belief that, "We want to create an environment where children can feel safe and loved".

The parent company of our school is a study abroad company called RaJA Corporation, where we have a keen sense of globalism that we have experienced through our study abroad business. Now that the entire country is working to develop human resources who can cope with a globalized society, the age of English education is becoming younger in the field of education and study abroad support systems are getting stronger.
I am bilingual in both English and Japanese, and I know firsthand that the future was opened up to me because of this, and the values that have been surpassed by my long life abroad. That is why I dared to focus on the analog "language" in this age of AI/IT. Skills that allow you to think, act, and communicate in your own flesh and blood will certainly broaden the range of your future options.

The "environment where languages other than Japanese can be heard in everyday life" is a unique method of childcare that mixes my own experience of studying abroad with the Western teaching methods I learned through my study abroad program. We will continue to pursue and practice the creation of an environment where children who are at an age when they naturally absorb languages can be "showered with a living language" through interactive communication.

In junior high school, I was taught to memorize English. I had studied English for three years, but I never really learned it. Yet, within three months of studying abroad, I started to understand a little bit of everyday conversation. At first, I was just like a newborn baby in a world where everything was just "noise." But now, by having been in an environment where the words are used, I have an organic understanding of when words are used, like a screen shot, and now I can communicate in English.

Based on my own experience, I am convinced that language skills can be developed by learning in the order of listening, speaking, reading, and writing (just as Japanese is naturally acquired), and that it is not a matter of memorization but rather a matter of understanding in daily life. This is the basic idea of our school. (We also practice childcare activities in multiple languages.

The world is always multilingual, and there are many people with values that we have never encountered before. That is why we are conscious of fostering true international people who can accept and understand diversity, rather than simply calling them "international people" because of their language skills. In an environment where people of different races, backgrounds, religions, and appearances share the same time and space, we aim to help children become accustomed to hearing languages other than Japanese at an early age and develop a rich sense of humanity that allows them to accept each other without resistance or aversion to "differences." We hope that you will consider this as an advantage when choosing our school.

While we are protecting the lives of our children, we will look after each child as an individual, help them grow, and guide them as professional caregivers. We will lovingly care for your precious child. Thank you.

RaJA Co., Ltd.
CEO S.Salliee Fukushima

毎日、泣いたり笑ったり、目を輝かせてチャレンジする子どもたちと、信頼の置けるスタッフの愉快な笑い声が飛び交うラジャ・インターナショナル保育園です。私自身も“働く子育てママ”であり、最初は、過去に亡くしたふりの子どもを含め、「大切な子どもたちが、安心して、愛されていることを実感しながら過ごせる場所を作りたい」という母親としての想いから、当園開設への道が始まり、現在 “わが子にプレセントしたい環境を”という信念のもと、国際色豊かな保育サービスの提供を行っています。







代表取締役 福島 S.さりい