Fees / 料金

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 General, Related companies, 0 to 2 year-old Common 

※㈱RaJA職員 一律5,000円/月額
※Included in the daycare Fees / 保育料に含まれる主なもの:Regular daycare fees, facility usage fees, school lunch, snacks, diapers, wipes, trash bags, etc. 

Monthly Use

Included in the daycare fees

Regular daycare fees, includes facility usage fees such as school lunch, diapers, wipes, trash bags, t-shirts, etc. (other than hats and water bottles) that are provided by the preschool.


Pay the fee for the following month by the 20th of the current month.

16 - 17 days : 32,500 yen per month

16~17日間利用した場合 月額32,500円
Fee per month / 保育料:24,000 yen
Environment fee言語環境料:8,500 yen

18 - 20 days : 38,000 yen per month

18~20日間利用した場合 月額38,000円
Fee per month / 保育料:28,000 yen
Environment fee言語環境料:10,000 yen

More than 21 days : 43,000 yen per month

21日間利用した場合 月額43,000円

Fee per month / 保育料:32,000 yen
Environment fee言語環境料:11,000 yen 

If you are exempt from paying the resident tax, you are also exempt from paying daycare fees.

住民税非課税世帯で 且つ 保育の必要性があるお子様は、保育料無償化の対象となり、月極保育料は0円となります。

Partial Payment for Childcare Activities


¥10,000 per child (per year)


The fee will be collected every fiscal year (once a year).
In order to cover costs necessary for childcare operations, we charge a portion of the actual cost of childcare activities in an annual fee. We will inform you about any items that are not covered by this amount. 


保育運営に際し必要な物品の購入に充てるため、毎年、保育活動に関わる実費の一部負担をお願いしております。これで負担できないものについては、都度 ご案内させていただきます。

An annual fee is charged to cover the cost of the following: hat, name tag, uniform (t-shirt)/jogging pants, ID card, pictures, albums, DVD, sketchbooks, personal items (diapers, diaper disposal, wipes, cups, chopsticks, spoons, glue, pencils, markers, scissors, craypas, rubber stamps, teaching materials, stickers, smocks, toolboxes, stationery sets, workbooks, castanets, hand bells, clothing), field trip reservations, fees for overnight events, exhibition fees, fees for parents (meal costs during parent visit days, family field trip costs), event costs, meal costs for children over the age of 3, futon covers, towels, sheets (towel-style sheets), costs of washing futon covers, evening meals/evening snacks. Parents are asked to separately cover the costs of the following: insurance premiums, parking fees, and disaster-prevention hoods.
帽子、名札、制服・体操着、IDカード、写真、アルバム、DVD、自由画帳、個人用の物品等(オムツ、オムツ処理費、 お尻ふき、コップ・箸・スプーン、歯ブラシ、のり、鉛筆、マーカー、はさみ、クレパス、ゴム印、教材費、シール、スモック、お道具箱、文具セット、ワークブック、カスタネット、衣類)、遠足積立金、宿泊行事費、展覧会見学費、保護者に 係る費用(保育参加時給食費、遠足費用)、イベント費用、3歳以上の児童の主食の提供に係る費用、布団カバー、 タオルタオルケット、布団カバー等の洗濯代、夕食・夕方の補食代、個人ごとに任意に加入する保険の保険料、駐車場利用料、防災頭巾が想定されており、前述したものの代金は、利用者様へ負担をお願いしても「適切」と認められる内容です。 

Weekly Use

This is a monthly plan for families who need daycare  for one to three days during the week.
1週間のうち1~3日間 保育が必要なご家庭向けの月極プランです。

1 day in a week : ¥6,000


Fee per month / 保育料:¥4,000
Environment fee言語環境料:¥2,000 

2 days in a week : ¥12,000


Fee per month / 保育料:¥8,000
Environment fee言語環境料:¥4,000 

3 days in a week : 18,000 yen


Fee per month / 保育料:¥12,000
Environment fee言語環境料:¥6,000 

Please Note
The fee will not change regardless of the reason you are absent. 

Hourly Use


<General / 基本受入時間>
9 : 00 ~ 18:00

<Extension / 延長時間>
7 : 00 ~ 8:59
18:01 ~ 20:00

We accept children who need temporary daycare only when the number of children in monthly daycare has not reached the maximum capacity of 19, and when there is space available.

Age 0

1 Hour ¥1,300, Extension every 15 min. ¥200

Age 1, 2

1 Hour 1,200 yen,  Extension every 15 min. 200 yen

Age 3

 1 Hour 1,100 yen, Extension every 15 min. 200 yen 

Age 4, 5

 1 Hour 1,000 yen, Extension every 15 min. 200 yen