Please Note

大切なコト / Important things



If your child requires a specific diaper or baby wipe, please declare it on your registration form and bring those items with you to our preschool. Also, please write your child's name on every item to prevent any mistakes.
体質的に特定のオムツやおしりふきを使用する必要がある場合 必ずご申告ください。この場合 間違いを防ぐため、1枚1名ご記名ください。

If your child has food restrictions due to allergies, or reasons of religion or moral value, please prepare throughly by giving your child a lunch box to bring with them.
食物アレルギーや宗教上 口にできないものがある場合 且つ 当園で対応することが困難な場合 お弁当をご持参いただけます。

There is no fee discount if your child brings their own nursing supplies or their own lunch box.

For safety reasons we cannot accept children who are not strong enough to hold up their own neck.

Cancellation after admission is confirmed must be requested at least 30 days in advance, similar to the standard withdrawal procedure. Additionally, if cancellation is made within 30 days due to customer's circumstances, no refund will be provided for the first month's childcare fees and any other charges collected. This is because we have already incurred expenses for preparing the childcare environment, arranging necessary supplies, and staffing, which exceed the amount received. We kindly ask for your understanding in this matter.
入園確定後のキャンセルは、通常の退園と同じく30日以上前までにお申し出いただく必要があります。また、お客様都合で30日未満でご申告の場合には、キャンセル料として初月保育料及びその他徴収している費用の返金は一切行いません。入園確定に伴う保育環境整備、物品準備、職員配置など必要な準備を進め、(特に0、1、2歳児の保育には多くの有資格者の配置が必要であり、1名こどもの人数が変わるだけで全ての配置をやり直さなければならないなど) いただいている金額以上に人件費などを要しているためです。何卒ご理解くださいますようお願い申し上げます。

Monthly Use


Regarding full-time monthly daycare, we ask that your child attends more than 16 days a month. 

 Please note that, except for circumstances such as serious illness, you will be charged the stipulated daycare fees even if your child does not meet the number of  attendance days. 


If your child attends the preschool with a brother or sister, the older child's daycare fees will become half price.
兄弟姉妹でご利用の場合 長子分の保育料を半額とします。

Please note that we may not be able to accomodate requests that will exceed the preschool's limited capacity.
定員満員の場合 兄弟姉妹を入園させることは困難であることをご理解ください。

Hourly Use


This preschool is available for a maximum of 7 days a week (9:00 to 18:00) / possible extentions.

Reservations are accepted three days before the date that you plan to use our facility. Advanced reservations are possible for up to one month.

If you need to use the preschool in an emergency, please call us as soon as possible. We will respond in accordance with the rules established by the government regarding the total number of children allowed in our preschool environment.
緊急で保育を必要とされる場合 状況に応じて臨機応変に対応します。

Extended daycare is available from 7:00~8:59 / 18:01~20:00. The extention fee will be charged even of you are 1 minute late. Please pay the fee when you pick up your child.
7:00~8:59 / 18:01~20:00の間、延長保育の利用が可能です。基本保育時間を1分でも超過すると延長料金をいただきます。降園時に清算してください。