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We love love love our RaJA life!
In the process of updating our website, we moved our blog to Facebook! The teachers in charge of our blog will be updating the Facebook page, so please check it out.

ウェブサイトの更新によりブログをFacebookに移動しました♪ こちらは、運営担当の先生たちが主に更新しますので、お楽しみに!


Sharing our happiness♥
Our Instagram is updated by the facility director and teachers. You can find updates about both our children and teachers.

気まぐれ更新のインスタです。こどもたちのことだけでなく、先生の様子も時々登場~!園全体のことを発信しています♪ ※肖像権許可の取れているご家庭のお子様のみ登場します。

Study Abroad Support

Our parent company, RaJA Corporation, was originally a study abroad company. We support a wide range of study abroad programs, from family study abroad programs with babies to young students and retirees. 


当園の母体である株式会社RaJAは、元々 留学会社です♪ 赤ちゃん連れの親子留学から、若い学生さん、定年後の方まで幅広い留学の実現をサポートしています。


We are recording articles that have been brilliantly compiled by the media. We hope that you can learn more about RaJA International Preschool and our background, including ideas and thoughts from both the school and our founder.  



Enjoy what you do and be awesome every day.
"A woman who could not find the right preschool for her children, so she founded her own in Kagoshima, Japan."




Cultural and lifestyle information media that color the lives of people living in Kagoshima 

We hope to act in a borderless society



Re・rise News(2021.04.15)

People who create a beautiful era
"I want to create a company that represents Japan and that people will feel comfortable with, and love 200 years after I'm gone."