DL Important Documents

Food Ingredient Questionnaire

Food Ingredient Questionnaire
Please review the list and mark each food that you have given to your child thus far. When your child becomes 18 months old, we will use all ingredients.



Medication Administration Request Form 

This form is required if your child absolutely must take a prescribed medication during preschool hours.


やむを得ず、在園時間内に与薬する必要がある場合 本紙ご記入のうえ、医師の処方薬とともにご持参ください。

Preschool Entry Permission Form

In the case of an infectious disease, this form must be filled in by a doctor at a medical institution for your child to return to the preschool.


感染症に罹患した場合 本紙を医療機関へ持参し、医師に記入してもらうことにより、再登園が可能になります。

Emergency Contact Information Registration Form

If there is a change to your address or phone number, or other emergency contact information, please print, fill in and submit this form to the preschool.


住所・電話番号等 緊急時の連絡先に変更が生じた場合 本紙を印刷・記入し、ご提出ください。

Application for Use of Daycare Outside of Certified Hours

Please submit this form in advance if you require daycare at a time other than the times specified on the "Certificate of Employment/School Attendance," or the "Certificate of Benefits." (Both sheets contained on one application.)


「就労・就学証明書」または「給付認定書」に明記された利用日時以外で保育を必要とされる場合 事前に本紙をご提出ください。(1枚に2回分の申請書が付いています。)

Child Registration Form

This form needs to be renewed every year; please download, fill out, and submit it by the end of March. 




Fees for the 2022 Academic Year 

The following is a list of childcare fees for the 2022 academic year. The fees are the same for both "Partner Companies" and "Regional Quota." The childcare fees paid by families using the "Partner Companies" quota may change only if the partner company has signed a contract as a benefit package.

2022年度 料金表 


Application Form

This document includes an outline of fees, the admission process, and application documents. If you are considering enrolling your child in our school, please download this page and check the contents.


料金表、入園までの流れ、出願書類のセットです。ご入園を検討される場合 こちらをダウンロードし、内容をご確認ください。