The joy of communicating
in your own words.


Thank you
I love you
I'm sorry

I want to convey important things in my own words.
That's why words are so important.


RaJA Multilingual Method


We, at RaJA, view the word "Multilingualism," as more than simply the ability to speak multiple languages. We interpret this word in the broader sense of "being a person with a rich international background." The model for the RaJA Multilingual Method, and the foundation of our childcare philosophy, is the "Te Whariki" unified curriculum of New Zealand, a country that is a world leader in early childhood education. In addition, as a daycare center operated by a study abroad company, we continue to evolve by learning from and incorporating the best aspects of childcare around the world.
マルチリンガルは「多言語話者」と訳されますが、RaJAではこれを「国際性豊かな人物であること」と、より広い意味で捉えています。このRaJAマルチリンガルメソッドの手本であり、保育理念の土台となっているのが、世界一流の幼児教育国家ニュージーランドの幼保統一カリキュラム“Te Whariki(テ・ファリキ)”です。また、留学会社が運営する保育園として、世界各国の素敵な保育の在り方を学び、良いトコ取りで進化し続けています。

 I will accept and understand any differences. 



We believe that a diverse childcare environment can remove "mental barriers" to accepting differences. 

I will think on my own and put my thoughts into action. 



Children are born with a sense of independence; that is why they speak and act as they think. We try to create a childcare environment that allows children to discover and develop curiosity and interest.

 I will appreciate myself through the experience of success. 



Children develop and thrive with experiences where they can say, "Hooray! I did it!" We do our best to support children who fail at something and cry, and help them learn that even when facing failure, this is a chance for them to look forward, succeed, and grow. 

Our way of thinking

We believe that it is important for children to be exposed to a variety of languages as "sounds" during their precious years as infants. When the children become adults, they will be able to recall the nursery rhymes that were sung to them when they were children but have not sung for a long time. We also believe that children learn while they play, which is why we offer a wide variety of international activities centered on children making their own decisions.  
長らく口ずさんですらいなかった童謡が大人になってからふと歌えるように、乳幼児という貴重な時期に様々な言語を“音”として聞かせておくことに意味があると考えています。 また、こどもたちは「遊びながら学ぶ」からこそ、”心が喜ぶ選択”を大切に国際色豊かな活動しています。

The key is "to realize"


Our children are given the opportunity to "realize" how to use their communication tools through repetition in multiple languages. 

Globalization is a Chance

We believe that this is a chance for children to discover the vast and amazing nature of the world we live in. 

Understand and Share

RaJA children can experience cultural diversity and develop a foundation to understand and share different value systems first hand. 

Build Better Globalization


Even if you are fluent in a foreign language, it is difficult to say that you are "international," if you cannot understand the diversity of the world. We hope that through their experience at our school, children will learn to accept differences and values that they encounter for the first time such as, "the world is a big place," "there are many languages and cultures," and "there are people who look and think differently from me."

Choose What Makes Your Heart Happy


Through play, we teach our children that learning is fun, and that being able to understand is exciting.