Preschool Admission Information

The following services are offered by this preschool. Please note that the daycare fees change annually.

  • Monthly daycare for 0-2 year old children.
  • Temporary Daycare (hourly daycare for 0-5 year old children who have not entered a school). 



  • 「月極保育(0~2歳児)」
  • 余裕活用型の「一時預かり(0~5歳の未就学児)」 



If your child will enter after April 1, 2023, please click below. 2023年4月1日時点で0~2歳のお子様がご利用いただけます。

Please Note

The following document outlines important points that we ask you to understand before using our preschool. Please be sure to read all of the information carefully.  ご利用に際し、ご理解いただきたい大切なことを掲載しています。必ずご一読いください。