"You are what you eat."


Eating is an essential part of life. Our school provides delicious and nutritious homemade school lunches prepared in our in-house kitchen. We hope that children can learn the true meaning of "itadakimasu" through mealtimes with their friends at the school. 


Dietitian AYAKO

This is Ms. Aya-pon, a nutritionist who is dedicated to providing nutritious food to our children. She not only comes up with nutritious and tasty treats, but also pays careful attention to the shape/size of food and the amount that children eat to make sure it suits their individual development.  She is a very professional teacher who spends a lot of time working on nutrition education for children.


Our Kitchen

This is our in-house kitchen. Here, we cater to various dietary needs, such as all stages of baby food, regular meals, and allergy-friendly meals. You can smell delicious food around our school in the morning. The food is seasoned for children, but it is also really healthy and delicious for adults.


Chef / Pastry Chef HARUNA

This is Take-chan, our cook and pastry chef. She prepares and serves very delicious dishes based on the menu prepared by Ayapon-sensei. She is a very calm and caring teacher who supports RaJA's school lunches, where there is a line for second helpings every day.

調理師であり、パティシエでもある 竹ちゃんです。あやぽん先生が作ってくれた献立をもとに、とってもおいしいお料理を作って、提供してくれます。毎日、おかわりの列が絶えないRaJA自慢の自園調理給食を支えてくれる、とても穏やかで芯の通った先生です。