RaJA International Preschool

We considered what we could do for the children living in this "Borderless Era," and we present the gift of language skills and a rich international environment.


RaJA Children

I will think on my own and put my thoughts into action. I will appreciate myself through the experience of success. I will accept and understand any differences.


RaJA Staff

Professionals here to support the balance between work and raising children by providing childcare that anticipates the future and prepares your children for it.


RaJA Co., Ltd.

A company that provides a multi-faceted educational support system, including child-raising support, school rejection, and study abroad support, to help your future become even wider and brighter.

多角的な教育支援活動を通じ、より広く、より輝ける未来を実現できる企業。Radiant Japan Association - Wider, Brighter.